Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lake Okeechobee Bike Tour

This week, I will be on a five day tour around Lake Okeechobee. I will have updates and pictures along the way. Tomorrow is day one. Should be some interesting food/adventures. Cheers.

Location:Jupiter,United States

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Anonymous said...

It's a lot easier today than 1994 when I did it, except you are heading into wet weather. It's paved mostly except when you get to the Glades County side where I live in Lakeport. If you need a cozy place to stay here in Lakeport try Aruba RV or camp out at Curry Island or Indian Prarie where its free. Best food is Cheers & Beers or Aruba. There's a Cicle K half mile from Harney Pond. Good Luck!