Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wing Bowl/Shank's Pier 40

Ok so I am normally not one to say things like this, but this might have been the best cheesesteak of my life. No lie. So if my careful(ish) calculations are correct, which I believe they are, this might be the best cheesesteak in the world. It is hands down MY reigning champ.

I awoke after Wing Bowl, to find myself hungry and disoriented. I needed some food, and fast. I had a tough choice between leftover pasta or a cheesesteak. And by tough choice, I mean I was out the door without opening the fridge. Since it was my job as a food writer, I ended up attending Wing Bowl. It was everything about Philly that makes it, well, Philly. Loud, large, intoxicated people, all sorts of ladies of the night, and feats of gluttony that would make the average person lose their lunch. It was pretty awesome. That said, I will probably never go again, but it was worth it for the experience. Apparently someone won. Pictures below.

Anyway, after being up at 5 AM for that nightmare, needless to say, I slept when I got home. I actually slept a bit while I was there, but that is neither here nor there. I awoke with a hunger only a cheesesteak (or some other equally unhealthy, greasy, local specialty) could quell. I have been wanting to try the new location of Shank's on Pier 40 on Del Ave (basically where Christian hits Del Aave). So I went right before they closed at 4pm. Terrible, I know. I ordered the lunch special, which is a cheesesteak and a soda for $7.50. I got extra cheese on it, obviously, and there was no extra charge, which is a plus. So a cheesesteak, grilled onions and extra cheese later, I was on my way back home. One other thing I really like, is that the people are much more interesting there, than at the Center City location.

Simply put, this cheesesteak was perfect. The roll was chewy and crispy (a trait only Philadelphians get to enjoy), and the meat was chopped, but very tender and salty. The extra cheese really helped to meld everything together and made for a creamy, meaty, comfort that only the cheesesteak can provide. I am literally already planning my next trip, which will most likely be this week. I cannot wait.

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