Thursday, February 11, 2010

Smoked Pork Butt

So after eating at Paesano's, and with the smoker heating up back at home, I stopped at Cannuli Brothers to pick up some pig. It was shockingly empty, and so I was the belle of the ball. I didn't know what I wanted (I was leaning towards butt or ribs) and the guy who works there that looks like Steven Seagal (seriously it's crazy) recommended I try the boneless butt for once. I took his word and headed home on cloud nine, with a belly full of Paesano's and a bag full of pork. I threw some more wood (I found some dry wood buried in my stack) and got the smoker back up to temperature. I then rinsed the pork, dried it and gave it a healthy dry rub of brown sugar and various (secret) spices and put it on the smoker.

(Well, first I had to clear out a spot for the chimney starter.)

So after a 6 hour smoke, this boneless butt was ready to come off (because I was starving). The bark turned out amazing, sweet with a late spicy grab on your tastebuds. The boneless butt cooked faster, and had much less prep than my experience with the bone-ins. I was impressed.

(Hot off the grill)

(After a 3o minute rest)

(I gave it a rough chop for Texas style tacos.)

(Some pico, marinated onions, fresh guac, sprinkle of lime and some cilantro. Awesome.)

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