Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lone Star Taqueria

2265 Fort Union Blvd
SLC, Utah 84121

I understand that it's strange to say that one of my favorite fish tacos of all time is in Salt Lake City. It is about as land locked as they come. And contrary to popular belief, there are no fish in the Great Salt Lake. The salinity is far too high to support aquatic life. Except for sea monkeys. So an outstanding baja style fish taco joint seems unlikely. Anyway, Lone Star, where they have one type of fish taco a day (however they are closed Sunday) really steps up to the plate. I have eaten a variety of their tacos de pescado, and have never been anything less than delighted. They have a fresh daily fish special, and they sell them until they are sold out. It is a simple preparation, but it is quite magical. The fish is always cooked perfectly, and the jalapeno-cilantro sauce they serve on the side is heavenly. Prepared simply with a little pico, some chopped cabbage, and a lime, these are fish taco perfection. A side of the rice and beans that rounds out the combo makes this a meal. At $7 it might be a bit spendy for a single taco meal, but you get what you pay for. The fish is always as fresh as anywhere, and the cilantro sauce on the side is so addicting I am normally cleaning the container with my finger by the end of my meal. This is the PERFECT place to stop after a long day of snowboarding, and is convenitenly located just down the road from the mouth of Big Cottonwood. I highly recommend eating here if you ever find yourself in Salt Lake, as it is probably my favorite place to eat in the city.

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