Monday, March 1, 2010

Day One: Jupiter to Okeechobee

So this is my second attempt at writing this post (as I have discovered the mobile blogger kicks you out and does not auto save).

The first leg of today's ride was to Indiantown. This went rather smoothly, once the nerves died down from getting buzzed by tractor-trailers/dump trucks doing 80 in the middle of nowhere. So 27 miles in, it was time to stop and eat. Crackers Cafe promised real Florida food. As it turned out, every farmer, ranch hand and cowboy for 20 miles eats there. They looked at me in my bike gear as though I was an alien. But everyone was really nice, and southern hospitality prevailed.

Below is the chap hanging rack.

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Palm Beach Bike tours said...

I've found the best way to deal with small cafes and bars when you walk in and there's a sudden quiet is to remark in a loud voice, "Y'all sure do dress funny around here."

Breaks the ice and starts conversations flowing.

Glad you had a good ride.