Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Pizza Giveaway!

I had the pleasure of trying what I might consider to be my new favorite pizza in the city. Joey's Stone Fired Pizza on 5th and South. It is "Trenton style" super crispy thin crust pizza. I absolutley loved it. The ingredients were really fresh and simple and I was really impressed. There will be a new post coming soon. In the meantime, however, I have 2 free 12" cheese pizza gift certificates to give away. You can order extra toppings if you want (the pepperoni is thick sliced and delicious) for a nominal charge. I really, really liked the cheese pizza, however and so I recommend trying it. Anyway, in the comment section, just tell me what your favorite pizza in the city is, and the winner (the most interesting/compelling comment), subject to my sole discretion, will get 2 free pizza gift cards from Joey's that are good until the end of March. Contest ends at lunch on Saturday. Enjoy! (oh and by the way, they are BYOB, so bring some beers and eat some pizza!)


Scuba said...

The best pizza I've had in the city is Lazaros pizza house on 18th and south. The crust on the pizza is thin and crisp and done just right

BiggRigg said...

With the caveate of being extremely drunk and looking for a slice, Larenzos on 3rd and South is the best spot for a giant slice and soda for less than $4. And if you are really up for a treat, stumble across the street to Jim's and create a "Philly Taco" by wrapping your slice around a delicious cheese steak!

Ok so this isnt "The best pizza in Philly", but it deserves some recognition!

Mario said...

My personal favorite in the city is Francoluigi's at 13th and Tasker. Best. Pizza. Ever. And this coming from someone who has pizza no less than four times a week.

Chris said...

I would have to go with Alessandro's Pizza and Grill (655 North Broad Street).....

J. Smith said...

The pizza hut/ taco bell on market street. Their pizza is da bomb and I make a special there with the nachos. You get the supreme ones and put it up on a stuffed crust and make it like a giant pizza roll. Say hi to my girl Lacey up in there and she'll hook you up fat! ; )

gabulous said...

BEST pizza in the city is actually not even in the city. Does Ambler count? There's a little place called Giuseppe's; their crust is crisp on the outside and softly sweet on the inside. Choose meatballs, banana peppers, onions and black olives for toppers and you'll fall head over heels for this pie!

Unknown said...

When I come home, I can't help thinking about Mack & Mancos on the Ocean City boardwalk. It was a childhood addiction and it maybe a nostalgia. Getting a slice of plain and sitting watching the waves is it for me.

administrator said...

Oh man. You have quite a few pizza shops to try out! I'd have to say, without any hesitation, SliCE. This quaint BYO offers thin crust Napolitano pizza at it's best. With locations in both South Philadelphia and Center City, this restaurant is an experience that can't be missed!

TJGersh said...

I may have missed the deadline, but oh well.

Having lived around the corner for 4 years, Lorenzo's shares a special place in my heart. You have to get it at the right time though. Late night, they are usually cranking out slices and they are half baked. My go-to move would be to get some slices, and then make the short walk home and give them an extra toast in the oven.

I also used to be a fan of the Bruschetta pie at Soho pizza when I was looking to mix it up.

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