Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why not cross?

Last weekend I competed in what was most likely the coldest cyclocross race in Pennsylvania in the recent past. 19 degrees. I had some major mechanical issues (lost my chain 5 times and 3 rear derailleur jams, but over all, I had an awesome time. It was my first cross race, and I had a lot of fun. Next month I am planning on the endurance ride/race "Michaux Mash" on a single speed. Four hours should be enough to put the hurt on. Big thanks to Fast Forward Racing Productions for putting on a great race. I look forward to the next one (even though I am way out of my league!). All photos courtesy of Singlespeeder on SmugMug. I would do another event by these guys just because of the stellar quality of the photos! They are amazing!

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