Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paesano's Italian Market

9th and Christian

Well considering we have had the most snow on record this year, I felt it was the least Mother Nature could do to finally dump snow on a weekday and give us some time off. Well that wish came to fruition this week as we eclipsed the previous record, and there is (possibly) more on the way. So with a Thursday off, I decided to check out the new Paesano's in the Italian Market. I also was pleasantly surprised when my crazy neighbor shoveled my walk, the last 6 inches of snow or so, and with my energy reserves I decided to dig out my smoker. Two hours later, I had the back patio clear and was wrestling with the chimney to get that old thing lit for the first time since last fall. I finally got it lit and decided to walk to the Italian Market for some sort of pork. When I got there, I was hungry from all of the shoveling, and Paesano's was the first stop. I am happy to report, they kept the same menu, with a couple of new items, and it seems to be consistent with previous trips to the original location (amazing). I tried the Paesano and the Daddy Wad, two classics, and they were just as good as always. It helps that the same guy who has been recently running the kitchen at the original location was in the back. The inside of this place is large and nice, good atmosphere, and laid back service. I am in heaven.

(Grand opening, and about time!)

This is the Daddy Wad, a consistently delicious, and perfectly balanced classic Italian hoagie. As good as any you will get in the city. I guarantee it. It has Italian meats, sharp prov, sweet and hot peppers, arugula, tomato and onions, finished with oil and vinegar. Simple and perfect.

(Sandwich master)

Laid back interior (besides the women sitting next to me who were not thrilled with the guy taking pictures of everything)

And here it is. The granddaddy of all sandwiches. The best beef (non-cheesesteak) sandwich I have ever eaten. Quite possibly the best sandwich I have ever eaten. The egg yolk really coats all of the super tender and juicy brisket, while the horseradish mayo is to die for, and the creamy ricotta and roasted tomato just seal the deal. It is by no means a clean eating sandwich, but my word!, it packs an unparalleled flavor punch. Keep in mind that what you see is all egg yolk around the paper and roll. Rich, delicious, egg yolk. Paesano, you are my favorite sandwich in the city.

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