Friday, February 5, 2010

Shank's Uptown, Revisited

120 South 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA (Center City)
P: 215-629-1093

Although I have been wanting to try Shank's Original Pier 40, I recently had take-out from the Shank's Uptown I blogged about a while ago. I had the same sandwiches, the chicken cutlet with sharp provolone,
broccoli rabe , and sauce; and the roast beef with sharp prov, sauteed spinach and a side of horseradish. They were both delicious, and although the hand carved roast beef looked dry, it was actually quite moist and tender, the result of their delicious slow cooking process. I would recommend Shanks's to anyone in the market for a great South Philly style Italian sandwich in Center City. Get a side of the homemade sauce, it is just like being back in your Italian grandmothers kitchen (I imagine). And while I still long for the Original Shank's location and vibe, the Uptown recreation will satisfy my craving for now, the Pier 40 location is high on my list.

(Italian style chicken cutlet below)

(Roast beef below)

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