Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Grilled turkey and cheese

I am often faced with the need to make something quick and easy for lunch at home, but time is often of the essence. A turkey and cheese sandwich is one of my all time favorites, but this is a quick and easy way to mix it up a bit. I guarantee it is better than most grilled sandwiches you will get at a restaurant, it takes about 10 minutes, and costs about $3. Even better, you will only dirty two dishes, the pan and your plate. Simply grease a small pan with butter or olive oil spray, and turn the heat on medium-low. Get out you preferred ingredients. I used Santa Fe turkey, sharp yellow cheddar, spicy mustard and banana peppers. And my secret ingredient (of course there is a secret ingredient). The laughing cow light, if you have never had it, is a cream cheese like spread, that is sold in a couple of flavors, as well as plain. I like them all. In this case I used the garlic herb. Each wedge is 35 calories. A much healthier option than cream cheese or mayo. And so creamy and delicious.

So take your plate, and spread one side of bread with mustard, and the other with laughing cow. Stack the meat on the laughing cow side, the cheese on the mustard side, and peppers or anything else you might want to add, anywhere in between. Place your creation in the pan and put your plate on top of it. That's right. Right on top. It will help the ingredients warm up, while nicely browning the bread and flatten everything together so the ingredients stay put when you are eating them. Flip after about 3 minutes. And put the plate back on top.

Slice it and you have an awesome "special" feeling sandwich with virtually no clean up. The laughing cow is really the star of the show. It gives the sandwich a rich and decadent creamy texture while contributing a scant 35 calories. So good.

When you are finished, twirl your mustache in victory.

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