Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shank's Pier 40

901 S. Columbus Blvd.
across from Christian St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Although I previously made the claim that Shank's Pier 40 has the best cheesesteaks around, I had neglected to mention something just as important. Breakfast. They make some rib-sticking, hold-you-over-until-lunch breakfast sandwiches that deserve mention. They are also pretty convenient, and the sandwiches are $5 with a coffee. Can't beat that. I love the steak, egg and cheese, which incorporates their delicious cheesesteak meat folded into eggs and covered with a healthy layer of cheese. Certainly not the sandwich to eat before getting your cholesterol checked, but worth every artery squeezing calorie.

If you are in the mood for something more traditional, the bacon, egg and cheese is a safe bet. The bacon is always cooked until perfectly crispy, and in typical Shank's fashion, generously portioned. As usual, I ask for mine with some banana peppers for a bit of a morning kick. Also, there are few combos as satisfying as spicy, briny banana peppers and eggs.

They even offer something for all of the (ahem) non-meat eaters out there. I will even order this item, and in fact, it's one of my favorites. Potato, egg and cheese is a take on the traditional diner breakfast, crammed into a long roll. Delicious. Although I was skeptical of the meatless breakfast, the crispy potato cubes made up for the protein I was craving. They added a great substance and texture to the sandwich, with the crispy edges giving a satisfying crunch. I would gladly eat this sandwich for any breakfast. Shank's now has longer hours, and they are open every day from 7 a.m. to midnight. If you can't tell, this is very exciting news for my palate, and devastating news for my waistline. The thought of someone going to Pat's or Geno's, with this as an alternative shocks me to my very core!

Here is a shot of the chicken cutlet hoagie. The chicken cutlet Italiano is in the running for best non-cheesesteak sandwich in the city, as voted by WIP. I can't say I blame them. The Italiano is amazing. I opt for a side of sauce, and you would be wise to do the same. They make red sauce (gravy) that is some of the best around. Seriously.

Oh, and the cheesesteaks are still amazing. Man I feel fat just thinking about all this food!


Miguelito said...

Favorite cheesesteak in Philly at Shank's!?

You've just shot yourself in your credibility foot.

I'm surprised you'd consider Shank's in the same league of John's, Jim's and Delasandro's.

Might wanna spend more time on that prized bike of yours checking out other PHL selections.

Philly Phoodie said...

It's funny you should say that and include Jim's as your "street cred." I have had all of them many times over. John's is great, but no better than Shank's. If you looked through my posts you would see me singing their praises. Dalessandro's used to be my favorite. Until they went downhill about two years ago and suddenly became dry and skimped the cheese. And Jim's, well they are just a disaster. Thanks for reading!

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