Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Halal Gyro King

12th and Chestnut

The lunch-cart search continues. After walking by the Gyro King in the past, and smelling the amazing spiced meat wafting out and over the sidewalk, I had it on my radar. Chicken gyro and a soda for $5, not too bad at all. I was going to go for the lamb, which is basically the usual processed gyro meat (which I love), but it is sliced about a half an inch thick. And fried. It looked good, but I also had to go back to a warm office, which would culminate in a perfect storm of drowsiness, and I was not about to go down that road. I opted for the chicken, and I was glad that I did.

The chicken was diced and grilled with onions, peppers, spices and served in a thick piece of pita. The sandwich was garnished with lettuce, a sad slice of tomato, yogurt sauce and, as requested, the "hot hot" sauce. What really pulled the whole deal together was the hot sauce. It was reminiscent of a Middle Eastern hot curry sauce. I loved it, and it had a medium heat, long burn that reminded you of what you just ate for the next ten minutes after devouring this sloppy, delicious mess. I will definitely be back to try the lamb, and want to go for the platter next time. For $5, you really can't go wrong. Just ask for extra napkins.

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