Saturday, June 12, 2010

John's Water Ice

701 Christian Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3911
(215) 925-6955

I love water ice. I really do. But I must admit, after a couple of tries, John's just doesn't do it for me. I really, really want to love this place, but I can't. And I feel (gasp) that Rita's is better. There, I said it.

The picture is blurry, but I mean, it's water ice. You get the idea. I felt as though it was too frozen, and reminiscent of Luigi's. Also, it tastes really artificial. I am aware that they use "natural fruit syrup" but, what does that mean exactly? Anyway, I would go if I was in the neighborhood, as in, in front of the store, but other than that, I will pass.


Anonymous said...

they do use REAL FRUIT unless you got the cherry moron....go to Rita's and enjoy your frozen chemicals...watched the delivery man today take in the fruit

Philly Phoodie said...

So they use real fruit, EXCEPT for the cherry (one of the most popular flavors of all time)? Sounds like a cop out. Do you often stand around watching the fruit get delivered? Can I get a verification?