Monday, June 7, 2010

King of Falafel Cart

16th and JFK
Philadelphia, Pa 19103
M-F 11am-2pm

The inevitable search for cheap eats around lunchtime in Philadelphia, which cure both hunger and headache and give you a chance to escape the office for about an hour each day, often lead to the variety of food carts around the city. I used to eat at King of Falafel a long while ago when the falafel cravings started, but upon discovering the Falafel Nazi, and Mama's Vegetarian (review coming soon), I never looked back. Until now. It was a beautiful day in Center City, and a perfect opportunity to sit at Love Park and people watch, all while eating one of the cheapest, best cart foods around.

I opted for the falafel sandwich with feta cheese, hummus, and hot sauce. $4. Awesome. I even splurged on a soda for $.75 bringing the grand total to under $5. Amazing. The sandwich, while not huge, fills you up quite nicely, and is relatively healthy compared to a lot of the cart food out there (I am looking at you, sausage/cheesesteak carts).

The pita is whole wheat, and they wrap it tightly in foil to prevent what could result in everyone being able to see exactly what you had for lunch on your work tie. Well played, "King".

The sandwich combines two smashed falafel balls, hummus, chopped lettuce, diced tomato, feta, and some Frank's red hot-esque hot sauce. The falafel is good, crunchy, and not overly garlicy, and I am not sure which component had the fresh zing of lemon juice, but it was appreciated. The hummus kept everything moist, and the lettuce added the crunch. All in all, I must say, it's not too shabby. My present location, plus a pool of lunchmates with the same time constraints as myself, really hinders my ability to make it to 20th and JFK for falafel; not to mention his line is excruciating, and his sandwiches are double the price. For now, this cart will do quite nicely, and it's always fun to rediscover an old friend/cart. Especially one across from the park with some of the best people watching in all of Philadelphia.


Unknown said...

Yes, Falefel Nazi's food is twice the price, but as he will tell you himself (even if you don't ask), "Do you know how long it takes to make this food???? This food in a restaurant would cost you $30!!! Quality!!" Haha!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it takes the King just as long, no? Long live the King!