Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lazaro's Pizza

1743 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146-1528
(215) 253-3863

If you haven't been to Lazaro's, you need to get over there. That is, if you enjoy thin crust pizza, and I mean, who doesn't? Lazaro's rolls them out SUPER thin, and they use a delicious sweet tomato sauce. This is no frills, relatively cheap pizza, and it's my favorite traditional thin-crust plain-pizza in the city. I have some other favorites in the gourmet category, but for $12, a large cheese will really do the trick. I used to live on this side of Broad Street, and I ate here frequently, but now I pick some up when I have a hankering and I can really appreciate it (I also had a whole slice in my gut by the time my pizza eating partner got one out of the box).

Beware, they are cash only, and there is normally a line.

You should know what you want to order before you get to the counter, and for a pie, it's worth it to call ahead. The guys in here talk and work fast, just how a pizza shop should be. They also have an awesome selection of single slice pies, my personal favorite is the bbq chicken pie. Much like their tomato sauce, the bbq sauce is really sweet, and I love it.

The tangy, sweet sauce is in perfect proportion with the cheese and crust, literally about one third of each. Throw some garlic powder and hot pepper flakes on there and enjoy some of the best pizza in the city of Philadelphia.

Look at the beautiful pizza grease glistening in the light. Yum.

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