Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jake's Sandwich Board Update

Jake's is great. It really is. In my efforts to try most of the menu, I gave the Midtown Chicken a go: chicken, roasted red pepper and avocado puree, red onion and a mozzarella cheddar blend.

This one was okay. I didn't expect the world. But the onions threw me off. Otherwise it was a bit like a chicken cheesesteak with sweet guacamole. The raw onion slices were kind of, can I say, misleading? Everything else on the sandwich was rich and warmish, and though they were thinly sliced, the intended bite of crispness came to me as a strange and highly unnecessary surprise of tangy raw onion (who could have seen that coming?). What's wrong with some fried onion to join the warmth of all other ingredients? Overall I would probably not go back to this one, considering they offer the Village Turkey for that "lighter lunch." I was missing the cherry spread and bacon on the Midtown.

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