Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jake's Sandwich Board

122 S. 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

When I heard that Jake's roasts a whole pig every day, I was sold (I have been obsessing over roasting a whole hog this summer). So after a breakfast including both scrapple and bacon, I headed over to 'cash out early' in completing a day of pork, ending it here with lunch. I went for the hand carved pig sandwich. I was impressed that they left the carcass sitting out under a heat lamp to intimidate vegetarians everywhere.

They have a sheet where you fill out what you want on the sandwich. Another plus is that they don't charge for the ingredients. I went with everything but roasted peppers (I just feel roasted peppers are kind of played out and tend to be too large and wet).

To say I loved this sandwich was an understatement. The horseradish sauce took a cue from the Arby's horsey sauce that I remember from my days of beef and cheddar's long ago. The au jus kept everything nice and moist without soaking the Carnagi roll. Did you notice the last ingredient? Cracklings? On my pork sandwich? Yes, please. All in all, this was a knockout sandwich. It would not hold up well if not eaten immediately, but that's why you come here - to eat in. I don't know how you could have the self control not to scarf it down within 30 seconds of acceptance. I know I certainly don't.

The "Mensch" was the other victim. It includes 12 hour brisket, horseradish sauce, fried onions, and melted sharp prov. I also loved this one (I also am still sick from eating so much). The brisket is pulled, and perfectly tender. The onions were well carmelized, and gooey provolone never disappoints.

Did I mention I made this a combo, with fries? Insanity. The fries were actually excellent as well. Perfectly crispy, and served hot. The selections on the menu, down to the Kodiak soda is reminiscent of a certain place I like to frequent, but everything is slightly different, and I am not complaining. Jake's is a real winner, and I look forward to many, many, more meals there.

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BiggRigg said...

My mouth has been salivating for the past hour after reading this!