Thursday, August 19, 2010


I was back at Paesano's recently, and I have to say, they are still just as good. Even the Italian Market location is still terrific. I just wish they would carry regular soda (at least coke and diet coke), and I would truly be happy. I happen to like, no, NEED caffeine in my soda at lunch, or I will promptly fall asleep with a full stomach. Especially with all of that brisket as shown below in the self named "Paesano" in my gut. Combine tender brisket, roasted tomatos, sharp prov, horseradish mayo and a perfectly runny fried egg and you have gastro-intestinal distress to the max, yet your tastebuds will be dancing. Delicious.

The Tuscan Tony combines hotdog, beef bolognese, sharp prov, long hots and fried sopressata. Salty as hell, and quite delicious. This one is a real "once in a while" sandwich.

The potatoes are still crispy, salty, cheesy, and good. Some might say overkill, I might say perfection.

I had to follow this meal up with a trip to the secret "South Philly Pool" for a couple of thirst quenching beverages. Is it me or is this summer just brutally hot?


Anonymous said...

Ok, now you've got me to intrigued, I must know where that pool is

Philly Phoodie said...

That's what makes it a secret pool!