Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bill's Gyro Souvlaki

1607 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401-6913
(609) 347-2466

As a general rule, boardwalk food sucks. There are certain staples that jog memories of childhood, and are good for that, but otherwise, it's mostly overpriced, under cared for eats. I also don't particularly care for Atlantic City, but happened to find myself there on a recent weekend night, and after a decent run on the craps table, I was ready for some celebratory calories.

Bill's Gyro beckoned like a lighthouse of hope amid the questionable boardwalkers late in the evening. I had heard it was THE place to eat on the AC boardwalk, and was not disappointed. I called ahead and asked when they were open to and was told "at least until three AM." Awesome. So when I got there and realized they also served alcohol, it was a double score. At this hour, I went for the light beer.

You will also notice that the entire place, including some of the chairs, were covered in currency with messages written on it.

I obviously went for the "Super Gyro" which had double the meat (a no brainer for an extra $2 in my book). They forgot to add feta as requested, but brought out a big plate full of marinated cubes to make up for it. No complaints.

This gyro was huge. Not to mention, it was incredibly delicious. All things aside (being on the boardwalk, at 2 am, after some drinking), this was a perfect gyro. They have spits that crisp the outside perfectly, and the meat was deliciously tender.

What's more, they offer chicken fries, which are one of my dirty secret favorites. These are the "good kind" of chicken fries, thick, crispy, seasoned and satisfying. Throw on some honey mustard and I may never leave the place. Perfect.

They also sell to-go liquor (although at inflated rates, as to be expected) and have a variety of other items on the menu. I highly recommend Bill's, and next time I will skip a soon to be mentioned more popular sandwich place in Atlantic City and go with another gyro.


Anonymous said...

Discovered this spot last summer. DEF one of my favorite boardwalk nosheries, especially after far to many sketchy dining experiences in AC. Their gyro is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Racism is definitely still alive and thriving within this establishment!

My family and I attempted to eat breakfast here. We were waiting at the entrance for about five minutes before a table large enough for my whole family to sit down. We found a table in the far back corner of the restaurant. Once we sat down we simply organized all of the waste from the previous meal on the end of the table and wiped it down with a few napkins while waiting for a waiter to come clean off the waste and do a final wipe. They kept telling us that we needed to move so that they could clean the table but we straightened it all up and simply needed menus. They guy ignored us and placed menus on the tables around us. I assumed that he did not understand what we were asking so I attempted to explain that what we needed, but he kept ignoring us. I then got my family up and left. On the way out they were telling another African American family to wait for them to clean the table that they already cleaned. When we were outside a black guy came out and said he has been waiting. Also on the was out the waiter was cleaning a table while a white couple sat at the table. He did not have a problem wiping around her Dunkin Donut's coffee cup while they sat at the table. I asked to speak to an owner regarding why a white couple could get their table wiped off while sitting there but they insisted that I take my family back to the front door to wait so that my table could be wiped off. The guy did not respond to my question! Maybe it was because he was adamantly insisting that no outside beverages could be brought into the restaurant. The African American lady was waiting at the door to be seated while completing a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. She mentioned the cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee on the people's table in front of her, but all the man behind the counter responded with was "we do not allow outside items in here".

At this moment my 10 year old daughter asked why does it seem like he is giving all of the black people a hard time. I simply told my daughter that we could find better service and be appreciated as people in another establishment.

Their actions was enough for not only my wife and myself, but my 10 year old, to clearly understand that they did not want nor care to have patrons of color within their establishment.