Sunday, August 1, 2010

NYPD Pizza

140 South 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-4910
(215) 229-6973

Good pizza in Center City is a tough ticket. There are plenty of regular old mediocre pizza spots (a Philadelphia specialty) East of Broad, but it's slim pickings to find something that has the right blend of ingredients to make pizza truly worth eating. NYPD is the closest I have found. Although it looks closed from the outside due to the heavily tinted windows, it is indeed open (at least for weekday lunch). They have a great dough that is stretched perfectly thin, and the crust is crisp, airy and addictive.

They don't have anything I have never seen before, but what I have eaten has all been done well. The bbq chicken and buffalo chicken are below. Although they didn't add blue cheese to the buffalo slice (you can see I took my own initiative on that one below), it had a good buffalo sauce, and the chicken was pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but a good slice. The bbq chicken was the same way. They used a commercial bbq sauce that was sweet, slightly tangy and did the trick. Both were good, but not the best they had to offer.

These two were my favorites I have eaten at NYPD by far. The margarita on the left had large swaths of fresh mozzarella, basil and a healthy does of sauce. The sauce is a bit sweet, a bit spicy and really pulled the slice together. The fresh mozzarella was smooth and stringy, and thanks to it's stay on the counter prior to reheating, stayed in place quite well. The other slice I thoroughly enjoyed was the spinch and ricotta white pizza. I added a side of sauce and was quite happy. The spinach was a nice touch I hadn't had in a while on a slice, and the ricotta was rich, creamy and indulgent.

Here is the spinach again, and a slice of eggplant. Sliced thin, I originally thought the eggplant was gyro meat! I really like this place if I am in the neighborhood looking for pizza. One word of advice, however, it is not a cheap pizza place. Two slices and a fountain soda will set you back just over $8, and they charge for refills (that annoys a soda drinker like myself to no end). That aside, it's worth checking out if you have a hankering for a good slice in that neighborhood.

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