Monday, August 2, 2010

By George!

After eating a great cheesesteak at By George! a while back, I wanted to try the chicken cheesesteak with wild mushrooms. I got it with grilled onions, wild mushrooms and their house made cheese sauce. Big mistake.

The steak is not cheap, at $9, but it is a healthy sized sandwich. Unfortunately, my experience was not as positive as the last time.

The chicken was dry. Really, really dry. The cheese sauce was congealed within 5 minutes of receiving my sandwich, into a thick weird blob. The mushrooms lacked the earth flavor they had before and kind of came out spongy and wet. Can they learn to spread the cheese out a bit better? This one is better left to the tourists.

At least I got to ride the Wiss and burn off that calorie bomb. I should have stopped eating it, but as usual, I was unable to put food down! Here is a shot of me at the top of mother. It's a climb that is a real mother.

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the original big ring said...

dude, i don't know how anyone can eat that well . . . i'm jealous. if i ate like that i'd be as big as a whale (or be a bigger whale than i am now)