Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paesano's Burger

Paesano's now has a burger on the menu at their Italian Market location. I had heard this was going to happen months ago, and was anxiously awaiting its arrival. Obviously I went for it as soon as I caught wind of its existence. Two flat grilled patties on a seeded long roll with caramelized onions, Gorgonzola dolle, bacon, and french fries (makes me miss Primanti's!) to round out the sandwich. As you can probably guess, this thing was incredible.

The patties have a nice crust (although they are well done) and is typical of everything I've known to love from Paesano's - there was so much flavor, with an abundance of diverse tastes happening simultaneously. The onions were rich, sweet and earthy, the gorgonzola was terribly rich and decadent, and the french fries were super tasty - not quite crispy, with a texture that complimented the other ingredients well. It was a great spin on burgers and fries, and I would certainly order this sandwich again. There was also a new turkey melt on the menu, which apparently has tuna mayo on it. I will have to investigate that one on a future visit, because there will be countless visits to come.

They have a great selection of sodas, I like the black cherry. And they have RC cola!

This is an awesome photo on the wall at Peasano's.

Look at the globs of cheese. It had a texture that made me think that there was mayo involved somehow. But upon inquiry I was told that it was just a really creamy type of Gorgonzola. SO good.

Italian market street-wear.


Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Burger looks great. No offense, but I'd hope the Philly version of fries on a sandwich is actually better than Primanti's. Bonus points for RC, which is the ideal compliment to a burger (at least during daylight hours).

Philly Phoodie said...

HAHA, it's Paesano's so of course it's better than Primanti's! And yes, they RC really washes it down perfectly. I highly recommend trying this burger.