Thursday, August 19, 2010

O Sandwiches (CLOSED)

1205 S 9th St (just North of Geno's)
Philadelphia, PA

I love Vietnamese hoagies, it's no secret. O sandwiches is one of the better spots around, and it's a perfect place to go when someone you know wants to eat one of "big two" cheesesteaks, and you wisely would like to pass.

The summer rolls are pretty tasty, and like everything at O Sandwiches, a great deal. Below is the shrimp variety. Decent, average summer rolls.

The BBQ pork is always my favorite, and a solid version is served here. They bake their baguettes fresh and heap on the ingredients. At $4, the pork is about half as much as a cheesesteak next door, and much fresher. The daikon, carrots, jalapenos and cilantro perfectly complement the sweet and smokey pork, and the rolls have the light airy texture with the crispy outside that one expects from a Vietnamese hoagie.

The shredded chicken is also a good option, though it lacks the punch that the BBQ pork offers.

You can see the proximity to the tourist traps below.

I took a particularly nasty digger at the Wiss that sparked this hoagie hunger.

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