Monday, August 9, 2010

P & S hoagies, Avalaon part one.

1722 W. Oregon
Philadelphia, Pa

I heard about P & S from these guys. We grabbed some hoagies to take to the beach in Avalon, and thought these would be a wise choice. That they were. The hoagies were seriously some of the best around. I thought that they would be similar, as they had exactly the same ingredients, but they were far different. We got to the beach after 3+ hours of crappy shore traffic (I know to expect it, but I just don't get why it's so great "down the shore"), paid $6 a piece to get ON to the beach (which offered no amenities to paying customers), get hassled about bringing alcohol onto the beach (which we hadn't) and finally spread a blanket and sit down on, hungrily pull our well planned lunch, and unwrap the sandwiches. Within 30 seconds, some lady takes it upon herself to come over to us and tell us that sea gulls are going to take our hoagies. She explains you can't eat sandwiches on the beach, her four year old daughter got a sandwich taken from under their umbrella. Lady, shut your mouth. You do not own the beach, you do not know us, and we are well old enough to know how to eat a freaking sandwich on the beach. Been doing it since I was old enough to hold one, stop ruining my already mediocre impression of Avalon. But I digress...

Above is a spicy Italian, hot sopressata, sharp prov and hot coppa. Below is a spicy Godfather, hot, dry capicolla, sharp provolone, and hot sopressata (plus all of the usual accompaniments). They sound awfully similar, don't they? The fact of the matter is that the ingredients are ordered by their presence in the sandwich. The spicy Italaian is 75% hot sopressata, and 25% coppa, while the Godfather is directly opposite. This distinction is huge, because the meats are so flavorful, freshly thin sliced, and delicious that you can immediately differentiate and enjoy each on a whole different level. It was great. Definitely one of my favorite sandwiches in the city. Possibly the best Italian hoagies around.

Godfather below. Yum.

Spicy Italian below. So good.

A nice side view.

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