Tuesday, December 22, 2009

By George!

12th and Arch
Reading Terminal Market

I have eaten at almost every place in the historic Reading Terminal Market, but in all the hustle and bustle I never realized that By George! makes cheesesteaks. It's not hard to believe, because there are about 3 other steak places in there, not to mention the fact that that is NOT the place I would normally go for a cheesesteak. But as I was walking by the other day, I saw their grill. And I noticed the portion of sizzling steak on there. Upon deducing that it was just a regular steaks worth, which could have easily been two steaks, I knew it would be worthwhile. By the time I saw wild mushroom's as an option, I was salivating heavily, and could feel my arteries preemptively squeezing and hardening. Hunkering down before the storm hit.

So I ordered the wild mushroom steak, with grilled onions and extra cheese. If you are going to go for it, you might as well get the extra cheese. A crusty roll can lend to a dry steak, and you can be left searching for cheese. By ordering extra, there is no excuse for a dry roll.

This was a great cheesesteak. Good chopped meat, gooey cheese, and just the right amount of grease. The bread held up perfectly, and really sopped up the fat. The mushrooms were meaty, earthy and absolutely perfect with a the hearty steak. It was highly satisfying, and an ample specimen. I would certainly recommend this over any of the other steak places in the market. They have a variety of toppings, and you could alternatively order regular mushrooms instead. One gripe, no refills. I mean if we had just spent $20 there, and were waiting for our food, and drank half of a soda, fill it up so the customer can enjoy a full beverage with the salty treats they have just purchased. What will it cost you, (literally) two cents?

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