Monday, July 12, 2010

Mack's Pizza

10th and Oregon Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 755-7553

On a rainy Saturday in Philly this summer, I was thinking about the shore. Not necessarily the beach, but rather the food. The pizza, actually. Mack and Manco's to be exact. I am the first to admit that they don't have the best pizza ever. They do have great pizza though, and the memory of eating it growing up is what really makes me love it. I knew there was a Mack's in South Philly, and that they claim to be of the same boardwalk pizza family, but I have been putting-off going for some time now. Well, on this cloudy July weekend, I decided it was finally time to pay a visit.

I called ahead and ordered a large half cheese, half pepperoni. Mack happened to be working, which was a great bonus.

He makes the pizzas according to the original recipe, with a thin layer of sauce and cheese, in a swirl.

I loved how thin it was, and it certainly reminded me of the boardwalk pizza. However, it was definitely (both visually and physically) a bit greasy. The pepperoni was especially so. The pizza was good though. It was a nice change of pace. A large was $10 even, which is always a good thing. Cash only, as can be expected. You can see the rings of sauce and cheese, just like at the shore. The pizza was overall pretty good, and a nice deal. If you need a taste of the shore, don't put sand in your sandwich, just head to South Philly for a slice (which is a $1 for walks-ins, by the way).

The pizza didn't even fit in the box!

Have to love the homemade boxes.


Joe said...

I tried this pizza Monday and I'm fucking hooked. I can't get it out of my head. My favorite pie in the universe is Franzone's in Conshy... Mack's Famous is the only thing that comes close. "Where you from?"

Anonymous said...

Joey Mack makes the BEST pizza!
Drive down form the Northeast often just for his pies.
You need to stop in and talk with him about the good old days down the shore. He will always take time to talk to you about the Mack family history etc. Good guy...Great Pizza! A Northeast Philadelphia Friend

Anonymous said...

His pizza sucks....he is the most vulgar person i ever met....the place is filthy....neighbors said he sleeps behind the counter at night when he closers the shop....doesn't wash his hands and goes to bathroom in a coffee can he keeps behind counter.....i was sick for days after eating his pizza now i know why

Sea Bass said...

I heard anonymous masturbates to naked pictures of his sister and mother licking a dog.

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