Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tyson Bee's, continued

33rd and Spruce
Philadelphia, PA 19104

After my last love fest with Tyson Bee's, I knew I needed to head back for some more of their delicious fusion goodness. This time I wanted to try some of the things I missed the last time around (even I can only eat so much).

The kimchi and cheese quesadilla was better than it sounds. No offense, but IN GENERAL, cheese and fermented vegetables are not a go-to combo in my book. Obviously, Tyson Bee's is the exception to the rule, and this thing was delicious. The tortilla was perfectly browned, the cheese deliciously melted, and the kimchi added a tart, pungent slap that sets it apart from it's south of the border brethren. The spicy aioli really tied the dish together. No surprise here, Tyson's food is decidedly toothsome.

The pork belly bun...another winner. This one is a no-brainer. Although it's not as adventurous as some of the other offerings, it's comforting, pure and simple. The sweet and tangy hoisin style sauce was a perfect match for the tender, fatty, slightly crispy chunks of pork. Again, simple and perfect.

Last, I had to try one of the hot dogs (!?!) offered on this Asian/Mexican inspired menu. The "O.G." dog boasts an all beef frank, topped with Korean BBQ short rib beef, topped with kimchi. A lot going on, to say the least. The BBQ beef was tasty, and almost absurdly rich. The kimchi added some crunch and once again, that interesting tang of fermented vegetables. Some thinly sliced radish kind of fell by the wayside. This was a good hot dog, but needed a couple of tweaks. The dog itself could use a brief stint on the grill, to crisp it up a bit, as it was slightly lost in the fatty BBQ beef topping. And much like the Banh Mi, it needs a crispy roll, such as those found at Cafe Nhu Y. Tyson Bee's is still the jam, and I have high hopes it will continue to serve up interesting, delicious, relatively cheap eats.

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