Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guest Post: Lew's Diner

14911 SE McLoughlin Blvd
(503) 654-6648

I am pleased to have yet another guest post, this one coming from a previous contributer out West:

In Milwaukee, Oregon there exists a strange competition. There is a seemingly deep rooted battle that has been established between several diners along 99E for the claim of "The Best Coney (insert meat product here)". This of course refers to the original Coney Dog of Coney Island fame, which is more or less a chili dog. The dog holds no association with the famous variety of whitefish that is said to have originated from the same island of carnival hell.

To urge the point that Lew's indeed has the best "Coney Sauce" I was promptly handed a sample in a dish. It was good. If I were to try to explain what a spoonful of straight "Coney Sauce" tastes, like I'd have to say it's something near putting a hotdog, onion, ketchup and salt into a blender, but good. The enthusiastic waitress then followed up with a cup full of their equally famous sausage gravy. Back to back this is somewhat of a culinary speed-ball. My brain still processing the complexities of the coney sauce and my mouth surrendering to the magic that is sausage gravy, I froze up when prompted to order. Somehow I ended up with the mushroom and swiss burger. It was good but lacked the ladle full of coney sauce that was really the point of the whole place. Not to worry though!!!! My curly fries came with a complementary side of fry sauce. For those of you that haven't lived in Utah or Oregon, fry sauce is what I like to call a ketchup aioli.

All-in-all Lew's has at least lived up to being the best Coney sauce on route 99E in Milwaukee, OR that I have ever had!

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