Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Eggs Cafe

1306 Dickinson Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 226-3447

Well, it took me entirely too long to write about Green Eggs. So long, in fact, that they have another location in No. Libs already. That aside, I figured that a snow delay was a perfect chance to grab a "kitchen sink", and that way, I would be disgustingly satisfied for the remainder of the day.

If you haven't been, Green Eggs is a strikingly handsome venue from the outside, both classy and sleek.

The interior is also nice. The inviting space really makes you want to settle in and drink a cup of coffee, or three in my case. Way overboard is a common trend with me. Also, they have one of the coolest touches to the usual brunch coffee around, raw sugar cubes. I usually drink my coffee black, but these little numbers were so enticing, I simply could not pass them up. They also include their mission statement on each table, a nice touch.

I love the "kitchen sink" it's everything I love about breakfast, served in a skillet (one of my other great loves).

Two eggs scrambled with cheese, the "signature potatoes" with peppers and onions, topped with homemade jumbo biscuit and country sausage gravy in a cast-iron skillet. Damn. It's unreal how much I love this combo. Every component is delicious but it's the sum of the parts that makes it special. Oh whats that? You want to dig right through the biscuit, well, lets bring up some of those peppers and onions and get this party started. Sop some gravy on it first, and get a piece of that sausage! Seriously, this is a breakfast to be dealt with. I could only eat two-thirds of it. Which is ridiculous for me.

Not wanting to neglect the specials, the Eggs Benedict Croque Madame, a traditional take on a brunch staple. It was served with mornay sauce, which I will never say no to. Ever. The eggs were perfectly poached, leading to a rich yolky sauce that I could not stop dipping the bread in. So good. The rosemary potatoes on the side are a simple, delicious contrast to the "signature potatoes".

Overall, the Green Eggs Cafe is a terrific (br/l)unch place, and an awesome addition to South Philly mornings. I have not made it up to the North Liberties branch yet, but rest assured, it will be happening soon.


Evan said...


brian said...

damnnn. i guess that answers the question as to where i'm brunching on saturday!

love skillet dishes and i need to try that kitchen sink!

Swift said...

I had the croque madame recently too. super good, as is the kitchen sink. I think I could only handle about 1/3 of the sink.

Christopher said...

I just drooled

Evan said...

This place looks so bonkers. My doctor recently told me that I have high blood pressure and I spent the last week eating Kashi Go-Lean and grapefruit.

I may have to stop following this blog blog.