Thursday, February 17, 2011

George's Famous Roast Pork and Beef (George's Luncheonette)

1007 S 9th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 574-9878

This place is cheap. Food cart prices with Italian Market charm, you might say. I love to come here when I am shopping on the weekend, as you can get TWO breakfast sandwiches for $6. Total. And they are damn good, for what they are. Nothing gourmet, but definitely a solid, cholesterol boosting breakfast. Cheap, quick and dirty, just how I like it. As a bonus, there are outdoor seats, and Fante's (otherwise known as heaven) is across the street.

Don't get this place confused with the George's Sandwich shop right up the street, which makes terrific lunch sandwiches. Although this spot also makes hot lunch sandwiches, I prefer this location for breakfast, and the other for my pork, roast beef, etc. Just a matter of personal preference. As can be imagined, it's cash only, and no-nonsense.

One of my favorites is bacon, egg and cheese with banana peppers. There is something about the salty brine of the peppers that mixes brilliantly with eggs and bacon. Not sure why, and I really don't care. It just works.

For something just slightly lighter (actually probably not), I also love the egg, cheese, and peppers sandwich. A little mayo and hot sauce to grease the wheel, and you have a perfectly satisfying (gasp) vegetarian version of breakfast. Delicious.

To say this place is not fancy is like calling Detroit a little rough around the edges - an understatement, to say the least (just kidding Detroit, please don't kill me). But if you want something tasty, cheap, and quick for breakfast while shopping in the Italian Market, this is your spot.

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