Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jake's Sandwich Board

Although I have sung the praises of Jake's many a time (here, here, and here) I hadn't tried the Fire Steak, and so I felt I needed to share the experience. First, it's really, really hot. Deep fried long hots and fire sauce make sure of that. Second, it's really quite good, which is taken care of by the thin sliced rib-eye, fried mushrooms and onions and the provolone cheese. Last, it's got great texture, which is due to the aforementioned deep fried long hots on top of the crispy Carangi roll. Definitely worth a shot. Just be ready for some heat.

Also, if you are feeling like a fat kid, try a Mensch (brisket, horseradish sauce, fried onions and prov) haystack style, which is served over a bed of crispy fries. So good, yet so bad.


Evan said...

Just had some sort of ridiculous pork sandwich from Jake's ... fantastic.

And they have birch beer.

So excited to take a shower when I get home.

Philly Phoodie said...

Eating the pork sandwich there is like taking a shower in pig juice. Delicious.