Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keys Fisheries Market and Marina

3390 Gulfview Avenue
Marathon, FL 33050
(305) 743-4353

After a morning of fishing on the salt flats, I was ready for something hearty, and was pointed in the direction of the Keys Fisheries.

The Keys Fisheries has a walk-up-and-order window and a market. They also happen to supply the world famous Joe's Stone Crab with their crabs, and make a Keys' version of the classic Reuben, using...lobster. Now this isn't Maine lobster that they are stuffing in this sandwich, but rather the spiny lobster, which is a native of the tropics and has no claws. The meat is not quite as tender as its cousin from up North, but it is incredibly sweet, and a bit more affordable. The Keys Fisheries is a shanty, where you walk up, order, find a picnic table, and sit until your order is called. One of the quirky aspects is that they will designate a different object for the day as your order number. For example we had trees. You say a tree, and they call your tree when your order is up. Just a little something to keep things interesting. This is the Keys, after all.

There is an area with a sushi bar, drinks and condiments around the corner.

While I obviously went for the lobster Reuben, I also tried the stone crab chowder, and the lobster mac and cheese.

The chowder was good. A solid seafood chowder, New England style, with chunks of crab on occasion. The lobster mac was also good, but not the best of its kind I have ever laid taste buds upon. I was there, after all, for something entirely different. The Reuben is not cheap at $14.99, but you certainly get your money's worth. The sandwich is HUGE, I mean two average people could certainly split it. Especially due to the fact that they pile the basket high with delicious battered fries, a side of slaw, and some pickles. Perfect. The lobster is battered and fried, smothered in thousand island, covered with Swiss cheese and piled high with sauerkraut. It was a fun, island-style play on the traditional meat monster served up North. The lobster was ample and mostly pretty tender. I would definitely say this was one of my favorite meals in the Middle Keys. I highly recommend stopping by to check it out, if you are anywhere near Marathon.


Kris Kachline said...

Been there many times for the lobster ruben. My in-laws have a house in Layton which is on Long Key. Love it down there. Hit the No Name Key Pub next time your there.

Philly Phoodie said...

Nice, we are actually camping in Long Key for spring break. I love it down there. I will be sure to hit up the No Name when I am down next.