Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pagano's Market

701 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 925-4700

This place is located in a weird concourse under Market Street that I never even knew existed. It's really close to my internship this spring, so it tends to be one of the lunch favorites for a quick and close bite. Not that it's really good, it's just convenient. It's like a combo of DiBruno's, Old Nelson, and a supermarket; but lacking the quality of DiBruno's, the price of Old Nelson, and the convenience of a supermarket.

You basically stand in a line, order food that is pre-made, and if they have to "assemble" a hot sandwich, they unabashedly use a microwave. It's sad. I don't want a $9 chicken cutlet that has been sitting around which you just nuke on a roll. I have to imagine, you probably don't either.

You then get your sandwich, stand in another line to pay (took about 3-4 minutes), and then either sit in the weird area provided, or take yours to go.

Everything seems good in theory, but it's a lack of attention to detail that derails everything here. Plus, when there are so many better places to eat just a few blocks further, why would you bother with Pagano's? This all being said, it was jam packed after 1pm, with people eager to hand over what falls on the high end of sandwich prices, for an inferior product. I went with the "Classico" which contained prosciutto, sopressata, salami, hot coppa and roasted peppers. I always forget that people still use roasted peppers, because they aren't really that good, they're normally cold and slimy. My second gripe, was that the sandwich was pre-made and just sitting in the case. Thirdly, I asked for oil, and got very little. Dry. Fourth, THEY CUT THE BREAD ALL THE WAY THROUGH! WHY? Everything was sliding all over the place, shooting out the back, however it was not due to a well oiled sandwich, it was because of the wet, mealy tomato slices.

My specialty sandwich was $8 too much.  I am sure I will be back there, due to the weird location of my office, but once the temp. gets above freezing, I will venture further from the convenience of the underground market.

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Anonymous said...

This store was sold off a number of years ago (Before you reviewed it). Try the original owners location at 20th.