Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Couch Tomato Cafe

102 Rector Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127
(215) 483-2233

I LOVE the Couch Tomato Cafe. It is my favorite place to stop for a healthy bite when my weekend rides end up in Manyunk. It is relatively cheap, somewhat healthy and completely delicious.

I normally get a salad or some pizza (or both depending on how the ride was), but I happened to try the salad in wrap form last weekend. It was soo good. They really make some fresh creative salads, and they transferred well to the wrap format. Below is the Thai-phoon, which consisted of chicken, peanuts, carrots, cucumbers and cilantro, and a Thai peanut dressing. A little tip, order extra dressing on the side. The fresh cilantro really shined in this one, and I throughly enjoyed the combination of fresh crisp ingredients (shown with free cape cod chips on the side)

This one was the buffalo chicken wrap, which had some tomato, chicken and gorgonzola. A side of bleu cheese was a perfect dipping companion.

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