Monday, March 22, 2010

Machismo Burrito Bar

4330 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127
(215) 508-3333

First things first, I have a weakness for "West Coast Style" burritos that are the size of a football. Always have, always will. Especially when there is biking involved. Something about riding, and then gorging that just seems to go hand-in-hand. So on a glorious Spring Sunday ride to Manyunk, I decided to try Machismo, in spite of hearing mixed reviews. Everything in the 'yunk was packed, and so I figured there was no better option, than grab an "Epic" burrito to go, and bask in the sunlight down by the river. I am really glad I did.

Aside from the lone kernel of corn, the outside seems to be pretty standard. It is, however, a chipotle tortilla, and strangest of all, it actually was spicy and very slightly smoky. Not too shabby for starters. I am often betrayed by flavored tortillas, that actually have less flavor than ordinary tortillas. Not the case here. The burrito bar had pretty standard burrito bar toppings, save for two. One was the yellow rice option, and the other was chipotle queso. I went for both. The rice was good, flavorful and rich, and the queso was, well, great. Included in this burrito: yellow rice, chicken, black beans, chipotle queso, mild, medium, and hot salsa, black olives, fresh jalapenos, romaine, and shredded cheddar/Monterrey jack blend. It all worked really well (except skip the fresh jalapenos unless you really like the heat), and the burrito was moist, well crafted, and delicious. I tried another burrito separately, and it had a completely different flavor profile going on. Which was really strange considering it had most of the same ingredients, except pork over chicken and a jalapeno cheddar tortilla. I really expected them to taste exactly the same, but it was not the case.

Bottom line, a great place to stop when you are craving a burrito that could feed two, and want to greedily devour it all by your lonesome. Although it is close to qdoba in construction, I found it much more delicious, and it was reasonably priced. An interesting way to beat the crowds at most of the local upscale places, and enjoy the weather off of the beaten path. On the towpath, to be exact.

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DanO said...

My fellow Polock, Machismo's is amazing. I was introduced to the place a few months ago. Best Burrito between Pottstown and Manayunk.