Thursday, September 3, 2015

Taqueria El Limon

446 Lancaster Ave.
Malvern, PA 19355
(484) 329-7969

If you have ever been to the Conshy El Limon, you know this place is no joke. It's easily one of my favorite joints for Mexican food in the Philly area. I happened to stumble across the recent Malvern addition, and figured it was definitely worth a shot. PLUS there is a kick ass Mexican market attached to it, so I could stock up on staples. It's not much to look at from the outside, located in the back end of an old strip mall parking lot, but it certainly makes up for appearance with the usual delicious food.

The chips and salsa/guacamole is a solid starter, but I had a bit of trouble getting past the fact that there was no salt on the chips. Zero granules of tasty sodium chloride to provide mouthwatering salinity to these extremely crunchy chips. The pico is quite hot but fresh and delicious, and the creamy guac had me like.

Oh, did I mention they offer free margaritas? Be sure to ask your server. While these are a bit too sweet and I'm not entirely sure how much liquor is in them (if any), I never turn down a free drink.

On to the torta. The torta here is a thing of beauty. Perfectly executed, with crispy al pastor, charred pineapple chunks, freshly sliced ripe avocado and a chiptole crema.

The al pastor is rich, spicy, and made using quality pork and rendering it down quite well. The griddle-frying approach creates a crust on it, and all of the usual ingredients, including pickled jalapenos, shredded lettuce, tomato, and queso are in perfect balance. The torta bread is also up to the task, though I wouldn't want to let this sit more than an hour or so.

Look at the stringy queso coming off this thing. Perfect.

A sampler of tacos was the next big winner. Chicken tinga, al pastor (I am an addict), and chorizo to round it out. A substitution was made to include cheese on these, blasphemous among some purists, but I pretty much do whatever I want. It was not needed, and I would skip next time. Too many cervezas the night before may have skewed my ordering judgment.

The tinga was just awesome. Hands down the favorite of the taco trio, but to be fair, I just ate an al pastor torta so it wasn't as new and exciting. Rich, deep tomato and chipotle flavors were accompanied by juicy, well cooked shredded chicken. Just perfect.

Again, that pineapple makes it for me on the al pastor.

The chorizo was solid, but I prefer mine to be crispy and well rendered, this retained a bit too much of the chew fat. That being said, it was promptly devoured.

Now, onto the mole. Probably the best thing at this place. Just look at how deep, dark and rich the mole sauce is. Let the darkness surround me.

The depth of flavor in the sauce belies the modest price tag that accompanies this giant burrito. Their burritos come smothered with either a tomatillo,  chipotle or mole sauce. You can't go wrong with any of these options but the mole is my personal favorite. This burrito is so big, I LITERALLY couldn't finish it. I tried and the more I tried the more the rice and margarita worked together to expand in my gut.

The chocolate and coffee flavors are punctuated with a smack of cinnamon that kept me coming back for more, even given my overfull situation. For $7 a grilled chicken, mole smothered burrito is about the best value in the Greater Delaware Valley.

In closing, you'd be hard pressed to find better Mexican anywhere in the suburbs, and even in the city. If you have a challenger, do let me know!

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