Wednesday, September 30, 2015


1625 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 867-8181

If you like hummus, you will LOVE Dizengoff. Holy hell, they make some amazing pita bread as well. Stuck on the north side of Sansom (NOT SAMSON) street, they are a hole in the wall a couple of blocks from Rittenhouse Park.

The interior is small, sleek, and modern.

The menu itself is small, no frills, and completely delicious. The toppings change daily, but the hummus stays amazing. They generally have one meat option (obviously try it), but the veggie offerings are no slouch.

A baseball card may be your table marker.

Look at this spread. A hot baked pita, hummus topped with za'atar, olive oil, and whatever topping you choose, a side cucumber salad, and some pickles and onion. Simple perfection.

Below is the ground beef, finished with parsley and drenched in olive oil. Look at the perfect swirl of hummus. While the beef was tender, well cooked, and delicious, the hummus itself is the star here – light, airy, creamy and not overbearingly tahini-rich.

Another delicious option is the beets. Now, I don't usually like beets very much. Beets generally taste like dirt and stain everything (what's not to love?). But these beets we more than palatable. These were downright irresistible. The dill was a nice touch as well.

I've been here more than once in an effort to make healthier lunch choices. SIKE. I have been here a handful because it's really that good. Who knew a hummus lunch would be Philly Phoodie's weakness?

The pea and cashew is another really delicious vegetarian option. The creamy cashews together with the sweet English peas made for a great late summer, cool-you-off-and-not-over-stuff-you meal.

Another visit featured beef brisket on the menu, and as the rest of the previous dishes, this one did not disappoint. There was no gristle, very little fat and the meat was so well rendered that the shredded bits nearly melted on my tongue.

There was a nice swirl of tzatziki to finish the presentation, which lent a refreshing zing to the salty umami flavor of the beef.

Yet another vegetarian winner, and one that I think may be a daily staple (or close to it), is the carrot platter.

Another flavor combination that matches so well with the creamy hummus.

There literally isn't one bad thing I can say about all of my collected visits to this place.

You will be able to find me there for lunches and dinners for many years to come, sometimes more than one time per week.

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