Thursday, July 31, 2014

Billy Burger & Bakery

2 N 5 Points Rd #4
West Chester, PA 19380
(610) 431-3100

A couple of friends had told me I needed to get out to Billy Burger in West Chester, and it admittedly took me much longer than it should have.

Billy Burger (and Bakery) is a busy operation, with staff members all happily buzzing about, keeping things moving. They also offer an extensive baked goods section, and I was blown away at how good the baked goods at this burger bar were.

Husband and wife duo Bill and Sally are the heart and soul of the operation. Bill has cooked every single burger that the place has put out since opening three years ago. Every. Single. Burger. His attention to detail and love are what make the burgers fantastic. Sally, on the other hand, is the mad genius behind the baking end of things. My god, can she bake.

The burgers are cooked on a gas fired indoor grill, and it gets hot enough to char the burgers perfectly.

Billy working his burger magic below.

I was informed that they were prepping for a local burger competition (hosted the next day) while I was there, and was asked if I would like to try their offering. Obviously. The below burger is topped with Mermaid BBQ sauce (a personal favorite), pineapple sambal, grilled ham, shredded lettuce, and cheese. Unfortunately, the slow roasted pork that was going on the official entry instead of the ham was still in the oven. The charred ham was so good, I don't think I missed the pork!

This burger was sloppy. Up to your elbows in pineapple teriyaki goodness, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely loved the sweetness of the sauce and sambal mixed with the smoky flavor that both the charred burger and ham contributed. This one was a winner in my book.

The waffle fries were also delicious, fried crispy and well seasoned. Billy Burger has true soul, something lacking in a lot of new restaurants, and you could certainly do worse than to go in there and order anything on the menu (try the chili dog). The owners were incredibly cool, and I have to say, this place rules.


Mod Betty / said...

This place does indeed rock - thank you for reminding me about it since we're often driving down 202 and it's an easy exit.

I had a thai chicken sandwich the last time I was there and it was SO amazingly delish, I was completely blown away.

Adrian Hickman said...

I can't even begin to praise Billy's. Think of it this way: you are in the best hamburger joint in the world, made even better by Bill, Sally, and the staff treating that burger like the best meal you will ever have.

The atmosphere is genuine, not calculated to fake a retro feel. The burgers are made right in front of you and the fries are served HOT, not heat lamp warm.

And OMG, the desserts.

Ans Billy and Sally are good souls, you can see that they care, and they also have some fascinating stories to tell.

If Mod Betty and Retro Hubby love this place, that is the ultimate seal of approval.