Monday, August 4, 2014

Lou's Sandwich Shop

414 E Main St.
Norristown, PA 19401
(610) 279-5415

The much beloved Montgomery County staple, the "Zep," has two Norristown heroes: Ev's and Lou's. Ev's was good, but it was time to write about my personal favorite, Lou's.

Lou's is old school. You can grab a seat at the counter and watch the action, joined by individuals of every walk of life. Seriously, this is downtown Norristown. It's got them all.

Fans of the Zep know that it is an Italian on a soft roll, no lettuce. Lots of onions. Also, they are usually served with a side of hoagie spread. One of my favorite parts. If the the onions are too much, feel free to pull some off, but if you don't have a hot date, just embrace the allium overload.

The Zep comes piled high with thick-ish meat, and a heavy layer of cheese on the bottom.

Everything just kind of comes together with the oil, herbs, spices, and soft bread to mop it up. The salty meat, sliced fresh to order, adds to the attractiveness. This is a hoagie at its most basic. And I LOVE it.

So the next time you get arrested in Montgomery County, or you have to go to a training class in Norristown, do yourself a favor and grab a Zep. It's a throwback that never moved forward, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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Anonymous said...

Lou's is a throwback to the good old days, locked in time with the same faces & characters coming in since their doors opened in the 40's. Sit at the counter, and you will befriend the regulars, soon to be some individuals you won't ever forget. This place is nostalgia at its finest, and I absolutely LOVE it! Not just for the zeps (best around,) but their steaks are equally as great, as is their grilled sticky bun & breakfasts... Just go for Breakfast on a weekend, but be ready to wait, as the church-goers pack in like sardines!