Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rosario's Pizza

1501 Wharton Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

After my last Point Breeze Mexican pizza disaster, I took the commentators' advice and gave it another shot. This time I targeted Rosario's.

My one gripe was that, although they have a variety of regular style slices, they do not offer Mexican style pizza by the slice. Keep in mind when I say Mexican pizza, I mean this, not this.

So you must order Mexican pizza by the pie, which ends up around $10 a pie for a small. Cash only.

I had to try the Al Pastor, which consists of Guajillo pepper sauce, mozzarella, marinated pork in a mild chili sauce, pineapple, chopped onions and cilantro. My first mistake was eating this right out of the oven. It was still a bit sloppy and the flavors had not had time to meld. After I ate my first two pieces, I remembered to calm down, and waited at least another 20 seconds before moving on to the next pie. The Al Pastor was good. The meat was well seasoned, the sauce was tasty, but lacked some of the smokey flavor I have come to expect, and it was altogether a pretty good package. More pineappleing would have been a plus, as it was feast or famine in the Ananas comosus department. I did like this pizza, but I find it hard to imagine a time when I would rather have my Al Pastor in pizza form rather than torta, burrito, taco etc. I also find it difficult to imagine when I might not be craving real pizza (Tiffin Etc. exception noted), and prefer it in Mexican form.

I also tried a La Mexicana pizza, which boasted a salsa verde base, mozzarella cheese, and chorizo topped with poblano pepper, roasted corn kernels and fresh avocado. This one really hit a home run with the salsa verde base, it came through with a sweet and tangy punch. The entire pizza was delicious, although I could have gone without the large slivers of poblano pepper which pretty much just came out whole with each bite. The fresh avocado was another nice touch, although it definitely starts the still-good-for-leftovers clock ticking as soon as you get the pizza.

I would definitely recommend getting a side of salsa with your pizza(s), the verde being my absolute favorite. It takes care of any leftover crust handily.

Altogether, this is pretty good Mexican pizza. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to someone ordering it, on the rare occasion I'm in the neighborhood. The crust was okay, similar to Greek style pizza but the thickness was necessary to hold all the toppings without ripping.

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Anonymous said...

I had the al pastor a while ago and really liked it. I'll try the mexicana next time.