Wednesday, January 11, 2012

San Lucas Mexican Pizza

2000 S Bouvier St
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Well to start, I was just freaked out because I thought my computer was possessed while looking at their website. Website music is never, ever a good idea. Unless you have to manually click to listen. Sheesh.

So anyway, San Lucas is a Mexican pizza place in Point Breeze. They offer slices of pizza with Mexican toppings. The al pastor sounded particularly intriguing.

I ordered a slice of al pastor and my dining partner ordered a slice of Hawaiian. I would have ordered more but we had literally just finished at Hardena, where we decided to forgo the rest of the plate to eat something better. This place is part bodega, part pizza place and apparently they also sell [sic] chees-steak('s).

We were told it would be 10-15 minutes for our two slices of pizza. Luckily we had eaten a bit about 20 minutes previous, so the wait wasn't a problem. One of the most exciting parts of the delay was discussing the little slot through which they make transactions. Especially when they continuously open the screen door directly next to it to do things like make change. See below for this slot in action.

Unfortunately this is where my review ends. When the Hawaiian appeared through the magic portal, there was no al pastor to accompany it. I was told I never ordered it. Which was news to me and my dining partner who actually ordered AFTER me. So anyways, at that point I was not waiting another 10 minutes for the slice I had ordered 15 minutes prior. I did snag a bite of the Hawaiian (no idea why I am friends with someone who orders the Hawaiian at a Mexican pizza place), and it was mediocre at best. A floppy slice, with a strange pile of sausage in the middle and cheese sliding all over the place.

So, I guess I would recommend that you check your order, even if they repeat it when you place the initial order, or you might end up staring at this while the rest eat pizza like I did. It's winter, gross.


Anonymous said...

If you want some seriously good Mexican pizza, try Rosario's at 16th & Wharton. SO GOOD! Go for the al pastor or la mexicana - I endorse both. They're mexican sandwiches are pretty solid, too. Pretty sure they're cash only.

hawk krall said...

Bummer. I had some great slices there but yeah they take forever. Tried the cheesesteak it was OK not great.

Philly Phoodie said...

@ No Love, I have that next on my list for Mexican pizza.

@ Hawk maybe I will return for an al pastor.

Anonymous said...

we get this frequently for lunch at work, I would recommend getting some buds together and ordering by the whole pie. al pastor is awesome.