Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Frankford Hall

1210 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 634-3338

Although I wrote about Frankford Hall when it first opened, I wanted to do an update. They have changed their menu around quite a number of times, and at this point, they have a variety of burgers. Which is always a plus. Below is the poutine burger, named "The Ultimate Poutine." At $12, it's not the cheapest around, but damn if it's not one of the tastiest. Dry aged patty, with fontina fries and foie gravy (made with veal), served open faced. It's a fork and knife meal, to be sure, but I had no complaints. Besides the fact that I had just undone an entire week's worth of workouts. But this sandwich/platter and 1L of German beer is the best mistress with which to cheat on your diet.

I also tried "The Classic" burger, which came in at a more wallet-friendly $7, and was still surprisingly good. Cooked to a nice medium, it came with white cheddar, house made pickle and the usual lettuce, tomato, and onion. Also, it comes with a side of fries, which are no slouch themselves, especially with the addictive curried ketchup.

Frankford Hall elicits a range of emotions from a variety of people, from love to hate. However, there is no better place to drink outside (even in the winter) in the area. The beers are not over-the-top expensive and the food is solid. Not to mention the fact that you can sit around a fire pit and roast s'mores. Sure, some of the clientele may have an air of superiority, but just remember, you don't have to talk to them.