Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sketch Burger

413 East Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 634-3466

I wrote about Sketch Burger years ago, but I felt it was time to see how they have progressed. Located on the now ultra-hip Girard corridor, they are tucked away on a drab block. Which makes the fact that their store-front is nauseatingly bright all the better.

While you wait for your order, you get to draw your own burgers. Mine is in the background shooting a lunch gun.

I opted for the green chili cheese fries, truffle butter burger and a regular old bacon blue cheese burger. The fries arrived first, and although they were thicker than I prefer, have a clean peanut oil taste. They are not for the faint of heart, when smothered with molten-green chili-laden processed cheese. At first I was not too enthused about them, but I must say, when the cheese cooled, they were pretty tasty. Not the best, but certainly not bad.

The burgers arrived shortly thereafter.

The truffle burger is served simply with mushrooms and the butter, you can add cheese for $1. Of course I wanted cheese. It's a delicious way to accentuate the truffle flavor without going overboard in the earthy mushroom department. Both burgers were ordered medium rare and shockingly, both were cooked to perfection. I guess if burgers are your bread and butter, you better be cooking them to the correct temperature.

While I really enjoyed the truffle burger, the bacon blue cheese burger was the true star. The bacon was crisp and generously portioned. The blue cheese was, well, delicious, and the traditional lettuce and tomato added just enough moisture and crunch.

I really, really love the meat mixture at Sketch. It has a perfect blend of fat and seasoning. If you can muster up the courage, they have a great selection of vegan and non-vegan baked goods. Like a true fat kid, I picked up a giant red velvet cupcake and ate it later in the evening. It was delicious, and I am disgusting.

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