Monday, October 5, 2009


413 E Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19125
(215) 634-3466

I had been hearing about sketch for a while now, and after the enlightening art experience that is first Friday, I decided to check it out last week. When we got there, we were greeted by a VERY enthusiastic host/food runner, who had lots of recommendations. He steered us in the direction of the fries, but mentioned there was some chili leftover from lunch. Chili cheese fries anyone? It had been quite a while, so I bit. He said they had a special cheese sauce. I figured whiz, and it was a whiz base, but there was something extra in there. The fries, although thicker than I normally like, were crispy, perfectly seasoned and delicious. Next time I would go cheese sauce on the side. It was quite good though and the whole trio together were SUPER addicting (I mean come on, it's chili cheese fries).

Next I went with the regular burger (they boast a Kobe beef, Turkey or Buffalo burger as well) medium rare, with lettuce, tomato, mushrooms ($1 extra), bacon ($1 extra) and bleu cheese (also $1 extra). They also charge another dollar for grilled or raw(?) onions. I will overlook this because the burger at base cost is a reasonable $6.50. They also let you add your choice of sauces. I chose the harissa mayo. When it came out, the meat was cooked perfectly, and this 8 oz. monster was quite a formidable opponent (especially after 3 lbs of chili cheese fries). I only ate half. It was really, really tasty, but also really, really messy. The ingredients were almost too much. Not to say I didn't quite enjoy this burger it was just really hard to eat. Next time I will probably order the onion burger.

The other sandwich we chose was the short-rib. I LOVE short-ribs and this sandwich did not disappoint. Served on the same fluffy egg roll as the burger, it was a huge pile of meat topped with caramelized onions and spicy mustard. The meat was delicious, but the onions too plentiful. Also the mustard was lost in the greasiness of the onions and beef. I ended up adding horseradish at home for a little kick.

Overall, it was a quite enjoyable experience and I will be back to try the other combos. A bit greasy, and hard to eat, but hey, you are at a burger and shake shack, not Butcher and Singer. It's to be expected!

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