Friday, June 3, 2011

Cha Cha Food Truck

1286 West Montgomery Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19121

Sorry it's been a while, but prepare for more of the same. I am in the throes of studying for the dreaded Bar exam, and unfortunately there is little to no alcohol involved. This is giving me a chance to check out some of the food truck action around the Temple campus, so expect some more of this in the near future. On the Montgomery drag, it is nice to find a couple of places that make something other than cheesesteaks or chicken cheesesteaks. Cha Cha is a Korean truck that makes some decent(ish) food, priced far below the usual Korean food prices.

I went for the Bimbibop ($6) and the Bulkogi combo ($6). The Bibimbop was not served in a sizzling stone bowl, obviously, and was devoid of the usual ground beef accompaniments. However it was not without its positives. It was a large portion, not overly greasy, and with an application of the sauce and the side-of-kimchi thrown on top, it was downright edible. I could go for a couple improvements, including a runny yolk, and some beef somewhere in the mix, but other than that, it did the trick of satiating my craving for Korean.

The egg came fried, and served over a variety of sliced, sauteed vegetables and rice. It also comes with the ever delicious gochujang. All in all, it's not the worst thing I have eaten. It's probably the worst Korean, although maybe not.

Below is a picture of the dish mixed together.


The bulkogi combo platter had a random smattering of ingredients, including BBQ beef, dumplings, broccoli, a single fried chicken drumstick, and slices of yellow radish.

The chicken was out of place, heavily breaded and fried, as was the lightly steamed broccoli AND the slices of pickled radish.

The beef was pretty decent, even more so when I mixed it into the bibimbop. Not the best marinade but we are also talking about a Korean food truck here. But then again . . .


Jamie S. said...

gotta say, not my fave

Unknown said...

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