Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lucky's Coffee Shop

4003 Concord Pike
Wilmington, Delaware 19810


Lucky's is a quirky, hipster(ish) coffee shop located off 202 in Wilmington. They are a welcome reprieve from the chain restaurant/stripmall mess that makes up a large portion of that stretch of road. The inside is a nod to traditional old-school diners, but updated with some quirky effects. Never mind the lady texting in the fore-ground.

They serve up traditonal diner food with a gourmet spin. Below is the Monte Cristo. The bread was light, fluffy, and really held in all of the greasy goodness that made it french toast. The sweet toast with the salty ham inside was a winning combo. I would have loved to see some kind of jalapeno jam option or something to spice it up and add some moisture. It wasn't dry, but it was borderline. Overall, it was pretty good, and lighter than similar sandwiches I have had in the past.

The Reuben was born from house-made corned beef, topped with Swiss, homemade special sauce, and coleslaw. The fries were good, thin and crispy. I was a fan of the sandwich, and all in all, Lucky's is a pretty good place to stop if you find your self in (gasp) Delaware, and want some comfort food in an interesting environment.

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