Tuesday, October 26, 2010


1501 S 8th St (8th and Dickinson)
Philadelphia, PA

Cosmi's is a South Philly staple. They make a pretty decent cheesesteak, and are open on Sundays for an afternoon of gorging while watching your favorite team. They are also much more consistent than MY favorite teams, so it takes some of the stress out of my day of rest. The hoagies are good, but the cheesesteaks are better, so I usually just go with them.

One of my guilty pleasures is over-sauced, over-chopped, over-stuffed, Buffalo chicken cheesesteaks, and Cosmi's is usually right on the money. Chicken, fried onions, and blue cheese dressing on a soft but chewy roll. Done deal.

The cheesesteaks are also pretty good, but I alway's order extra cheese, as I have been left wanting in the cheese department in the past. Nothing fancy, just a solid nicely chopped steak, with fried onions, banana peppers (I love the tangy vinegar bite) and extra American. I believe they probably will put wiz on it, but unless you drank too many Coors lights or are from out of town, why bother.

The fries are good, nothing special, but completely edible. And if you really need that processed cheese (which I secretly don't mind with fries once in a while) look no further. For the record, my dining mate ordered the cheese. Also, the old-school bag the fries come in is pretty cool, is it not?


Eric Dain said...
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Eric Dain said...

Just my own .02, I would rate Cosmis' a 5/5. For what they do, I haven't found a better cheesesteak place in Philly. They have a ton of options, from breads to meats to toppings, and have always been very friendly when I've visited. Prices are totally in line with other places, too.

It's a shame Pats and Genos is so close by and pull bus loads of people, although honestly Cosmis' would probably suffer under that much traffic. One sad experience I had with Cosmis' was getting there at the end of the day, like 30-15 minutes before they were scheduled to close, and they lamented that they were out of bread for the day. Such a bummer! Since then, I don't chance it by going late!

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