Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don Jose Rojo's Tacos

601 Ocean Avenue,
Ocean City, NJ 08226


I was in Ocean City for the City to Shore ride again this year, and we went back for our second round of Don Jose. After pedaling over a hundred miles, you can pretty much eat anything you want. We returned here, not for the incredible food, but more so for the proximity to the house we stay at. Not that the foods not good, it is just fine. Overall, it's like a cross between Qdoba and Taco Bell. You have to also take into account that not too much is open in a shore town during the fall. Nachos below were good, loaded with toppings, and although hardly gourmet or authentic, they hit the spot.

I went for the egg, avocado, and chorizo breakfast burrito.

I am a sucker for egg, meat and avocado in a burrito, and this one did it for me pretty well. It was huge, and the chorizo was quite tasty. Not bad, considering we were in Ocean City. Some cervezas would have pushed it even higher in my opinion, but it is, after all, a dry town. The ground beef burrito was also decent, although not quite as good as the egg and chorizo. Still good considering the circumstances.

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