Monday, September 6, 2010

Cajun Kate's

Booth's Corner Farmer's Market
Naaman's Creek and Foulk Roads
Boothwyn, PA
(484) 947-891

After what has been far, far too long (MONTHS!), I made it down to Cajun Kate's for some of their killer cajun food. I then returned one week later for more because I missed it that much, and well, it's some of the most delicious, comforting food I have ever had. Although I have written about this more than once, I can't escape the fact that Don cooks up some of the best food around, cajun or not. There is love in his recipes and an attention to detail and quality in the final product that is amazingly consistent. Two of my personal quotes from my last trip "I would want them to cater my wedding and my funeral" and " I am afraid to go to New Orleans and be disappointed in the food after eating here." It's that good.

The first week, I got the brisket po' boy special. Although I have eaten it on a number of other occasions, it never gets old. I must admit, however, I much prefer fried seafood in my po' boys. Don't get me wrong, Don's brisket is delicious, and when it's in the gumbo, well it's a little slice of heaven. I just have a true romance going on with his seafood po' boys, although I am constantly hearing the scorn of friends who swear the brisket is tops. Let's agree that you can't go wrong, okay?

After inhaling my brisket po' boy, I did some work on an order of the crispy mac and cheese with crabmeat and tasso ham. So, so good. The tomato creole glaze is so sweet and tangy that it is entirely addictive.

Now this was all well and fine, but dammit, I needed some of Don's seafood in my life. When I received the mailing list email the following week, and it highlighted that the po' boy specials were going to be soft shell crab, well I knew there was really only one option. Back I went, as I am sucker for soft shells, and Cajun Kate's soft shell po' boys are ridiculous. Seriously. I love these things (the fried oysters are another personal favorite). A whole crab goes on each half sandwich, which is about heaven on a soft roll when you factor in the sandwich spread and some crystal hot sauce.

Oh and guess what else? Don experimented with a new mac and cheese, blue cheese, bacon and chicken that was soaked over night in hot sauce. Guess how it turned out?

Well it actually turned out to be my personal favorite of his mac and cheeses, which is really, really saying something. He said it will most likely be making the rotation on his menu in future. I can only hope so. In case you haven't read my previous posts, here a couple of quick facts to make your trip enjoyable. It's cash only, it's located in a giant flea/farmers market, it's in Delco, and there will be a line. Just wait for a seat at the counter, and indicate to the people working you are waiting for a seat. It doesn't usually take very long, and people at the counter will generally get up as soon as they are done eating, out of respect for the establishment, and the amazing food being put out of a twelve foot wide store front. Just don't go when I want to go, because the line is long enough as it is!

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