Monday, September 13, 2010


Well, we competed. That's about all I can say. The event was fun, exhausting, rushed, stressful, and fun. I didn't put out my best ribs. Not by a long shot. I did, however, put out 21 racks of okay ribs in a pretty great sauce (homemade Korean bbq), 10 whole chickens that were spatchcocked and stuffed with curried butter under the skin and then salted and cooked under a brick, and over 100 vegetarian items which coincidentally were actually quite good (grilled tofu marinated in sesame ginger sauce). All in all it was a good time, and I will be competing again next year, albiet with more room for grilling/an additional smoker. Oh, I also pulled my propane Weber out of a two year retirement, and managed to get a pretty wicked grease fire going in the lower compartment. It was pretty interesting.

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